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This month's Paper Doll is "Peggie".

"Peggie" is a peg wooden doll. These woodens were made for many, many years in exactly the same style -- from mid-1800's through the 1920's. This doll is made of pine or other soft wood, rather roughly cut and turned on a lathe, with a tiny piece of wood carved for the nose on the larger versions and simply painted on the smaller ones. The joints are mortise and tenon and held together with unevenly carved pegs -- hence the name "peg wooden". The "hands" and head/neck and lower legs/shoes are painted over a whitewash sort of sizing, and the shoes ARE bright pink! These were very inexpensive dolls, available for a few pennies -- they are sometimes called "penny woodens" as well as "peg woodens."

All you have to do is print this page right from your browser. Use the heaviest stock that will work in your printer. Or you can buy a can of spray glue (sold at craft stores) and glue your printout to a piece of poster board or heavy paper.
Cut carefully along the outer edge of each piece.
Have Fun!

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