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This month's Paper Doll is "Emilie".

Description: Doll is marked on back of head in incised frame, F.G. with the number 7 just below the middle of the frame. The scroll frame is the typical mark for the F. G. doll heads manufactured during the period.
Date of doll: 1887-1899.
Maker: Francois Gauthier (name changed to Gaultier in 1875); St. Maurice, Charenton, Seine, Paris, France. This company made only the bisque heads, not the bodies.

Description: French bisque head, paperweight blue eyes, closed mouth, straight-wristed composition and wood unmarked body. Brown curly hair wig may be a replacement.

All you have to do is print this page right from your browser. Use the heaviest stock that will work in your printer. Or you can buy a can of spray glue (sold at craft stores) and glue your printout to a piece of poster board or heavy paper.
Cut carefully along the outer edge of each piece.
Have Fun!

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