"Pearce Family Children"

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This month's Paper Doll Set is from the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys.

Sandra Vanderpool has created this limited edition set of the Pearce family children from a picture of Cara Rowena Pearce and her four children that hangs in the Colorado History Museum.

The Pearce-McAllister Cottage, at 1880 Gaylord Street in Denver, is an outstanding example of the Colonial Revival movement which shaped America's taste in architecture and interior furnishings between 1876 and the 1930's. The house was built in 1899 for Harold V. and Cara Rowena Pearce by Frederick J. Sterner, a leading Denver architect.

The Pearce family had close and important ties with early Colorado history. Harold was the son of Richard Pearce, an experienced metallurgist from Swansea, Wales, who came to Colorado in 1872 to help find a profitable method for smelting gold ores in the Central City area. Richard became the manager of Nathaniel P. Hill's Argo Smelter in Denver and Harold succeeded him. When the Argo burned in 1906, the Pearce family moved back to England. Henry McAllister, Jr. a lawyer, bought the house in 1907, and later willed it to his son, Townsend Sherman McAllister. Townsend bequethed the house and its contencts to the Colorage Historical Society.

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All you have to do is print this page right from your browser. Use the heaviest stock that will work in your printer. Or you can buy a can of spray glue (sold at craft stores) and glue your printout to a piece of poster board or heavy paper.
Cut carefully along the outer edge of each piece.
Have Fun!

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