We are pleased to announce our new series of paper dolls,
by paper doll artist Lucinda Cunningham Durbin.

Currently a resident of Western New York, she has collected and created dolls and paper dolls since young childhood. Her earliest attempts were pipe cleaners wraped with strips of muslin to create "clothes" that had faces made of paper colored with water color pencils. Peanuts with pipe cleaners through them for limbs were also favorites.

Much later, porcelain dolls -- both original sculptures and reproductions -- were the favored creations. She also taught porcelain doll making and quilting for many years and was curator/director of her own Heritage House of Childhood Doll and Toy Museum.

Today, Lucinda -- known to her friends as Cindy -- designs paper dolls and their wardrobes along with other art pieces. While she still uses colored pencils as her medium of choice, today's additions include computer drawn images and computer edited hand-drawn figures. "Using the computer with its many possibilities is a challenge I can't resist," she says. "There are so many different techniques that are such fun to use!"

The first doll in this series is
(three pages)

The second doll in this series is
The Bye-Lo Baby

The third doll in this series is

The fourth doll in this series is

For more information, e-mail us at : dolls@ushsdolls.com