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This month's Paper Doll is "Casilda".

This doll is an unmarked Schilling, made in Sonneberg, Thuringia, Germany. Although they were made from 1871 on, this one probably dates from about 1910, as indicated by the costumes and underwear which appear to be original. The underwear and the blue dress are factory made, while the linen dress with the blue and black embroidery and matching blue crocheted hat is home made - it is totally hand stitched. When I bought the doll, the linen dress was under the other one, almost like a petticoat but it has sleeves.

The doll is about 10" tall, with excellent quality composition head, lower arms and lower legs. The hair is a beautiful soft, light blond mohair and the doll has paperweight blue eyes that are really lifelike. The body is a creamy linen and is stuffed very tightly.

The painting on the face is soft but perfect and the doll has a closed mouth.

All you have to do is print this page right from your browser. Use the heaviest stock that will work in your printer. Or you can buy a can of spray glue (sold at craft stores) and glue your printout to a piece of poster board or heavy paper.
Cut carefully along the outer edge of each piece.
Have Fun!

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