From the painting
by Renoir,

"The Umbrellas "

In the painting Renoir is trying to break away from "impressionism" and to create figures more distinctly and realistically. Some of the details of his painting are still loose and soft, while others are sharply defined, such as the hands opening the umbrella, the hands of the girl with the hoop and the woman with a hat box.

The United States Historical Society selected the painting for the doll collection because of its wide appeal and the interesting figures, especially the mother with her two daughters.

The mother, Sophie, (22" tall) wearing a stunning feathered hat, holds her umbrella as she looks at her daughter, Suzanne (12"). This impish young lady wears a straw hat decorated with blue feathers. She wears a lacy blue dress and a navy blue coat and holds her hoop and stick, ready to play again as soon as the rain stops.

Marie, (16") the older sister, protectively holds on to Suzanne's left arm. A soft summer hat highlighted with flowers covers most of Marie's face and much of her flowing red hair. Only a genius of Renoir's talent could have created such a scene.

The Society invites you to have an opportunity to receive the " Umbrella Dolls" set. Collectors who have seen and own some of the finest dolls in the world appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that go into the creation of a fine doll.

You want the clothing to be historically accurate, with the best materials, and expertly sewn. You want the shoes to be cobbled with the proper fastenings and buttons - not plastic disappointments.

You look at sculpting of the head and the ears, the hands and the feet. You inspect the porcelain for perfection in the delicate painting of the face and hands.

The mohair wigs, must be life-like in their texture, their color and styling. And the inset eyes must be bright and life-like, not just painted on.

And perhaps most important, you want masterpiece dolls that have character and soul.

Completely made in the USA the "Umbrella Dolls" demonstrate uncommonly fine craftsmanship in attention to the most minute detail. (These are not the kind of qualities you will find in dolls that you see advertised endlessly on television, in magazines and mail order, with a limited edition of 50,000 or more and imported from Taiwan, China or Thailand.

We are especially pleased that Jan Quisenberry, former president of the United Federation of Doll Clubs, has this to say about the Umbrella Dolls:

"This is a rare event for knowledgeable doll collectors. I am convinced that the Renoir ' Umbrella Dolls ' will become more and more valuable as collectors realize the rare classics that they are. They are among the finest I have ever seen. "

" The genius is in full detail. It is apparent
that nothing has been spared to achieve

Gary Ruddell
President, Hobby House Press.

" I would rather have one set
of Umbrella Dolls than a hundred
of the dolls I see advertised in
Parade and on television"

Martha Gatewood,
Doll Artist

" I have seen thousands of dolls.
The exquisite Umbrella Dolls
are in a class of their own. "

Maralyn Christofferson
Dolls Magazine

These exquisite hand painted dolls include a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, a stand for each doll, and a protective presentation case embossed in gold with the Double Eagles of the United States Historical Society.

Limited to only 250 sets, these rare, high quality dolls are priced at $1740. To order, call (804) 739-1198 or click on the fax-in order form.

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