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Half Doll
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Born into the brutality of slavery around 1797 in New York, “Sojourner Truth” (as she later came to be known) was given the name Isabella. For years she endured the hardships, beatings and humiliations of slavery, being bought and sold many times and separated from her children. Shortly before the state of New York abolished slavery in 1827, she escaped her master. By 1843, Isabella decided to leave New York City, where “slave catchers” roamed the streets, kidnapping free blacks to be returned to slavery. She answered a call from God to change her name to Sojourner, which means traveler, and to roam the land preaching the word of God. She later adopted the last name of Truth. Everywhere she went crowds flocked to hear her message of God’s love for all. On October 29, 1864, she was welcomed at the White House by President Abraham Lincoln, who thanked her for her support of his re-election to a second term.

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