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Half Doll
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Hers was a life marked from its earliest years by fear, sorrow and pain. Yet rather than defeat the slim, almond-eyed young Shoshone Indian woman, adversity only strengthened her to meet her fate as a courageous member of the historic Lewis and Clark expedition to the Pacific Northwest territory of the United States. Incredible obstacles confronted the explorers as they crossed the country. They were accosted by hostile tribes, attacked by grizzly bears and set upon by rattlesnakes. Without her guidance and negotiating skills the expedition would certainly have been lost.

Sacajawea received a silver medal from President Thomas Jefferson for her unparalleled courage. She died in December 1812, and her gravesite can be found in Lander, Wyoming. The young Indian maidenís life is a testament to the power of a woman to communicate, to keep peace, and to persist bravely in even the most difficult challenges.

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