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Remember the Ladies

We are pleased to announce the new series of historic Half Dolls entitled "Remember The Ladies."

"Remember the Ladies"...stirring words by Abigail Adams, wife of President John Adams have become a statement that lives artfully in a collection immortalizing great women of America and other lands. Some were with us only a short while. Others lived long lives. Some were privileged, yet compassionate. Others rose to fame from humble beginnings. In this group, diverse in race, nationality and talents, each woman changed our world for the better in her own unique way. Now they can be part of your life offering inspiration and delight for generations to come.
In gentler times gone by, exquisite half dolls graced tea cozies, boudoir lamps, perfume bottles, pincushions and even dust mops. While their ample skirts might conceal practicalities from brooms to button boxes, their porcelain faces, hands and bodies were lovingly created works of art. Avidly sought by collectors, half dolls have, since the 1920's, all but disappeared. Now, the Society is bringing back the half doll, following the hand painting, hand-tailoring traditions of 19th century artists, with historically authentic and aesthecially pleasing results.

Each doll is a genuine historic and valuable work of art, authenticated by your possession of the unique registration number on the Ownership Certificate. The individual, family, gallery or museum acquiring this collection is assured identical registration numbers for each of the 12 figures collected. The name and number of the original owner remain in the permanent Archives of the United States Historical Society.

As you continue collecting the half dolls in this series, your fourth doll
will arrive with a beautiful
hardwood display cabinet,
free for your collection.

At 5 1/2 inches tall, all of the half dolls are at home in dollhouses. Here, Abigail Adams prepares to pen another letter.

Following is a list of the twelve doll collection:

To Reserve The Florence Nightingale Half Doll

After receiving your first Half Doll, Florence Nightingale, you will have the option but not the obligation to receive the other dolls in the collection. With your fourth doll, you will receive the free hand-crafted cherry wall cabinet valued at $75, as well as a 28 page illustrated provenance booklet featuring each of the dolls.

Each half doll is only $45 plus $4.50 for shipping and handling.

To order, click on the fax-in order form.

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