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Half Doll
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From pretty Grace, a young Philadelphia socialite to provocative Grace, the fire-and-ice motion picture celebrity, to Princess Grace of Monaco, this stately blonde beauty dazzled and delighted millions before her death at 53 in a car crash.

The year 1956 was an eventful one for Grace Kelly. It would mark her exit from Hollywood with two successful films, The Swan and High Society; and her entrance into a modern-day fairy tale existence. On April 19, 1956, she married Rainier-Louis de Grimaldi, 31st hereditary ruler of the principality of Monaco. In the years since her death in 1982, Princess Grace has continued to charm new generations of moviegoers with her performances in films that have become classics, and to sadden the theatrical world that she did not live long enough to return to it.

Each half doll is only $45 plus $4.50 for shipping and handling.

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