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"The Lady with the Lamp"

With the cooperation of The Florence Nightingale Museum in London,The United States Historical Society, has authorized the official Florence Nightingale Doll.

Miss Nightingale is regarded as the founder of the modern nursing profession. She was a visionary pioneer who changed the way that the injured and sick were treated. She was an inspiration in the founding of the Red Cross.

On her rounds in the wards, during the Crimean War, she carried a lantern to light her way and to examine the wounded soldiers. She soon became known as the "Lady with the Lamp."

Much of her clothing, books, letters and other artifacts, including her lamp, are located at the Florence Nightingale Museum on Lambeth Palace Road in London.

Standing 17 1/2" tall, the individually numbered Florence Nightingale Doll is dressed in a hand tailored outfit based on the portrait on the cover of the brochure about the Florence Nightingale Museum.

Her jacket and skirt are of finely twilled tan cotton, trimmed with brown piping ribbon on the sleeves, at the bottom of her jacket bodice and her shoulders. The jacket is closed with seven brown bead buttons with three buttons on each shoulder as epaulets. She wears a pearl pin at the top of her jacket.

Her cotton chemise and petticoat are trimmed in fine lace. Her cap is fashioned with the same lace pattern, with rosettes at the ears.

She wears painted black shoes from the period. Her hose are traditionally black sheer.

The lamp, or lantern, that she carries in her left hand is based on the original at the museum.

The head, chest, arms, hands, legs and shoes are made of fine bisque porcelain, kiln-fired and painted by hand.

The first 100 to order will receive a FREE gold charm of her famous lantern! A $19.95 Value!

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Each full size doll is $145 plus shipping.

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