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Florence Nightingale
Half Doll
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Florence Nightingale is the first genuine, fully dressed half doll in this landmark series of 12 figures. If you were to visit the Florence Nightingale Museum in London, you'd see that we've brought this great nursing pioneer glowingly to life from her portrait displayed there. Her dark hair and eyes are radiant above a hand-tailored beige gown, exquisitely detailed with real lace and a tiny pearl ornament. In one graceful hand, she holds the lantern she took to visit British soldiers wounded in war, who lovingly called her "The Lady With The Lamp."

Known as the pioneer of modern nursing, Florence is the official first issue in the United States Historical Society's "Remember the Ladies" collection. She is an heirloom-quality figure of tiny proportions who will stand tall in the contemporary history of dollmaking.

Each half doll is only $45 plus $4.50 for shipping and handling.

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