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Clara Barton

Founder of The American Red Cross

clara barton dollClara Barton was born on Christmas Day in 1821 on a small farm in rural Massachusetts. A shy but determined girl, at age 10, she nursed her severly injured brother back to health. It was then that she discovered the joy and satisfaction of nursing.

During the American Civil War this "Angel of the Battlefield" appointed herself to nurse the wounded soldiers, bringing them food, water, blankets and bandages - and hope.

At the end of the war, when she was 38, she traveled to Switzerland where she met with the people of the fledgling International Red Cross movement. The following year she worked with the Red Cross to aid victims of the Franco-Prussian War. Returning to the United States, she established the American Red Cross despite the objections of powerful isolationist groups. Under her leadership and inspiration, the Red Cross provided aid during great disasters, including the Johnstown flood of 1889. She later accepted an invitatation to help victims of a religious war in Turkey, next to a fire in Michigan, and then to the sinking of the Maine at Havana - and on and on. Her awards included the Iron Cross of Germany, the International Red Cross Medal and the Cross of Imperial Russia.

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